Content Management

Website Content Management with WaveCMS

WaveCMS is a very powerful and extremely flexible website Content Management System

Specifically designed to simplify the management of content on your website, WaveCMS allows our clients to easily and quickly manage all or any part of their website plus capture data from its users. Unlike other content management systems that force you to make your data fit awkward specifications, WaveCMS works in reverse by generating the necessary code and features based on your existing data's format. If your content is in a database, for example, WaveCMS will automatically configure the pages requires so you can remotely view, edit, search, add and delete records.

Some of the features of WaveCMS include:

  • Advanced Multi-level Security
  • Audit Trail and Log File Capabilities
  • Master/Detail Relationship Capability
  • Can be Fully Branded and Customized
  • Field/Data Aggregation (sum, average and count)
  • Data Can be Exported to CSV/HTML/Excel/Word/XML/PDF

WaveCMS Content Management System Built from the ground up, WaveCMS can work with almost and data source from Microsoft Access to SQL or Oracle. It will easily recognize current field/table relationships and work with single primary or composite keys. If you are starting from scratch and do not currently have data to deploy, then we can have you up and running in no time with a fully customized WaveCMS built to your specific needs and requirements of your website.

Looking for A Robust Content Management System for Your Website?

Whether you're interested in adding a CMS to your current website, or you're ready to have a complete custom CMS/Website solution built for your business, contact us today at (386) 793-0191 or get in touch to learn more about how we can help you simplify the management of your site's content.